Today, there is no drug that can treat sinusitis in a single use other than a surgical method.

Only antibiotic medications are used to relieve the pain caused by sinusitis. Moreover, there are cases that cannot achieve 100% success in the surgical method.

Antibiotics are used in the treatment of sinusitis in modern medicine.

Since there is no end time of treatment, patients with sinusitis have to use medication continuously.

Some patients even stopped going to the doctor and became dependent on drugs by carrying around the painkiller antibiotics they had been prescribed before and using them during pain.

Unfortunately, these antibiotics have many known side effects.

In order to relieve headaches caused by sinusitis, patients’ continuous use of pain medications only eliminates the pain temporarily.

It does not eliminate sinusitis.

As a result, there is a great need for our product, E Hizir, which can treat sinusitis in a single use.

E Hızır consists of herbal mixtures.
It does not contain preservative additives.
It prevents sinusitis from becoming an incurable disease.
The most important feature is that it provides benefit in one use.
It is applied within a few minutes.
Easy to use thanks to snuff. The clogged one opens the sinus channels.

It allows clear or inflamed yellow or green mucus in the sinuses to drain from the opened sinus canals.

It allows the sinuses to drain completely.

With the first use, runny nose and nasal discharge start immediately.

Their discharge continues for one to seven days until the mucus in the sinuses is completely drained.

It eliminates all the pain caused by the pressure of the mucus in the sinuses due to the blocked sinus channels, pain in the sinusitis areas, pain in the forehead, facial pain, pain in the nasal root and behind the eyes, chronic headaches.

With the use of E Hizir, the use of antibiotics, painkillers, morphine and all drugs used for the treatment of headache caused by sinusitis is eliminated.

In this way, with the use of E Hizir, there is no need to use all the drugs used due to headache.

 It eliminates the side effects exposed due to the use of synthetic drugs.

There will be no need to pay for synthetic drugs. There will be no need for surgery due to sinusitis.