It is used through the nose.

With the snuff method, 1 dose (30 mg) in each nostril is used. Before use, the nose should not be blocked, if it is blocked, it should be cleaned. Herbal medicine for sinusitis treatment may not achieve the desired success in patients with flesh or bone in their nose or curvature of the nasal bone. In patients who have had sinusitis for many years and of whom the mucus inside the sinuses has hardened and turned into bony tissue, it opens the sinus canals, drains the mucus around the hard tissue, thus eliminating the headache. Application needs to be done well as one person will use it only once.

For a person, one dose is applied in each nostril only once (an apparatus can be used during use, or the herbal medicine placed on the tip of the index finger can be used by bringing it into the nose in front of the mirror). With the mouth closed, a dose should be snuffed strongly into one nostril. A dose should be snuffed into the other nostril immediately afterwards. Immediately after snuffing into both nostrils, the mouth should be closed, breathing strongly through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.In this way, breathing should continue for 3 to 5 minutes. At the end of this period, the nose and mouth can be washed with water. It is immediately effective at first use.

It causes redness and tearing in the eyes. It creates discharge in the nose and nasal passages. The first discharge should be spit out. It creates a severe burning sensation in the sinus areas, the root of the nose and the forehead, such as hot pepper burning. This burning sensation disappears completely within 30 to 60 minutes. Clogged sinus channels open immediately. It allows the transparent or yellow or green mucus in the sinuses to drain from the opened sinus channels. It allows mucus discharge to persist for one to seven days and the sinuses to drain completely as natural discharge.