What Is E Hizir, What Does It Do?

E Hizir consists of herbal mixture. It does not contain preservative additives. It prevents sinusitis from being an incurable disease. The most important feature is that it provides benefit in a single use. It is applied in a few minutes. It is easy to use through snuff. After the first half hour, the user can return to normal work.It acts immediately when it is used, causing tearing in the eyes, burning in the sinus areas and the nasal root. In chronic sinusitis, the burning symptom is only seen in the root of the nose, while in acute sinusitis, the burning sensation can be seen in the forehead and neck. This burning sensation continues for 15 to 45 minutes. It disappears completely after this period. It enables the sinus canals to be opened within three to five minutes from the moment of use.

It allows clear or inflamed yellow or green mucus in the sinuses to drain from the opened sinus canals. It allows the sinuses to drain completely. With the first use, runny nose and nasal discharge start immediately. Their discharge continues for one to seven days until the mucus in the sinuses is completely drained.

It eliminates all the pain caused by the pressure of the mucus in the sinuses due to the blocked sinus channels, pain in the sinusitis areas, pain in the forehead, facial pain, pain in the nasal root and behind the eyes, chronic headaches. With the use of E Hizir, the use of antibiotics, painkillers, morphine and all drugs used for the treatment of headache caused by sinusitis is eliminated. In this way, with the use of E Hizir, there is no need to use all the drugs used due to headache. It eliminates the side effects exposed due to the use of synthetic drugs. There will be no need to pay for synthetic drugs. There will be no need for surgery due to sinusitis.

It eliminates the time people spend during this ailment. Thus, it eliminates the time they had to spend to be treated, the time that those who treated them had to spend to treat them, painful, distressed and unhappy time they had due to their headaches, and the times that make them disabled due to headaches.It allows you to spend your time more efficiently and happier by eliminating the wasted times mentioned above. It does not cause any side effects in the body as it is not taken orally (not swallowed). It causes your voice to sound like you catch cold during the discharge of mucus from the sinuses.Your voice returns to normal after the discharge is completely over. It provides no more pain caused by sinusitis one to three hours after the discharge begins.

It helps to eliminate the severe pain seen when the head is tilted forward. It eliminates the pain that occurs when exposed to wind or cold with wet hair. It eliminates the use of thick winter berets, hats, scarves, which are used by sinusitis patients for protection from sinusitis painin the first days of winter months and covers the forehead up to the eyebrows at every going outside when the weather starts to get colder until the weather gets warmer.It eliminates the need for sinusitis patients to dry their hair for a very long time after every bath, shower or just washing their head. Thus, the extra wear to which the hair is exposed, the time lost by the person and the excessive use of electricity waste is eliminated. E Hizir is practical and easy to use. E Hizir is completely herbal and does not contain any preservative additives.